Love 4 sale - midnight

{Country music legend Mark Chesnutt LIVE at Midnight Rodeo Mobile Saturday night!!!! Tickets on sale now at . Doors open at 8 .. Tickets will be available at the door!!!!

Honestly you could wear this one day or night in my opinion. It’s not heavy or particularly sultry and musky. It’s sugary dark fruits and warm vanilla. It smells divine, but not complex.
I’m guessing it’s been reformulated as well because the new bottle I purchased a few months ago has nowhere near the same projection and staying power as my much older bottle I got when the scent first released. So if you’re concerned about it being an overwhelmingly sweet smell, don’t worry. It’s really not anymore. And it likely won’t last more than an hour or two on skin. Also I get no blueberries from this at all. It’s tart cherry and sweet ripe plum! The amber really meshes with the vanilla in the drydown and it becomes less fruity and more gourmand at that point for me.

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Love 4 Sale - MidnightLove 4 Sale - MidnightLove 4 Sale - MidnightLove 4 Sale - Midnight